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Organization We are bluvisio

With us, your IT is in the right hands. As one of Germany’s leading solution providers, we have been working for our customers across various industries since 2009. We provide strategic and operational consulting on IT. We also design, deliver, install, and support IT solutions, and offer high-level services in this area.


We are the drivers and companions of our customers’ digitalization, constantly helping them to unlock new value-added potential in their IT.  Since we have been working cloud-based ourselves since our foundation, cloud computing is part of our corporate DNA. We do what we preach.

With a regular headcount of 20 to 30 colleagues, we are perfectly positioned for an optimal balance of sustainable economic stability and business agility. We are all digital natives and combine experience and commitment with a high degree of automation in our processes.

Our extensive and reliable partner network provides us and our customers with additional expertise and personnel, if so required. This enables us to scale at any time for a project, even at short notice, without losing our own dynamics.

Our client base includes medium-sized and large companies, corporations and public accounts. For our portfolio of products and solutions, we maintain and cultivate relations with numerous technology partners technology partners.

bluvisio management board - Sebastian Wukits, Jan Dittel, Rambod J. Shoari - in front of green planted background

bluvisio management board

Sebastian Wukits
Organization & Engineering

Jan Dittel
Marketing & Business Development     

Rambod J. Shoari

Management Our pilots

As the steering board we are in charge of bluvisio’s direction. We all combine many years of experience in the IT industry, a deep interest in technology and a great passion for the challenges of our clients. Sustainable business is always our priority over quick deals. Since we are in this together, a good and fair cooperation with our colleagues, our customers, our partners, and our suppliers is an imperative for us.

Locations Where to find us

We believe that local staff is still important, even in the digital world. After all, it is a people’s business. We distinguish ourselves through great availability and short distances – both true benefits for our customers. For us, this is no contradiction to our digital mindset.

bluvisio Central
D-63801 Kleinostheim

bluvisio South
D-81476 Muenchen

bluvisio West
D-40233 Duesseldorf

bluvisio North-west
D-49086 Osnabrueck

bluvisio North
D-25462 Rellingen

bluvisio Data Center Production and Backup
D-60489 Frankfurt am Main

bluvisio Data Center Disaster Recovery
D-65428 Ruesselsheim am Main

Map of Germany with bluvisio locations

bluvisio locations

Philosophy Our way to work

We understand the problem

We take our time to listen to our customers and understand what they want to do. To do this, we need to speak both languages: Business AND Technical. Not only do we have this bilingual understanding, but we also provide helpful ideas for optimizing our clients’ business processes. The translation of requirements and wishes into technical solutions is our core competency.

The IT of our customers just needs to run. We see it as more of a business-enabler than a business asset. In addition to the technical characteristics, we always keep an eye on the price/performance ratio of the required components. That is why we only sell solutions to our customers that master the balance between perfect support of everyday operations and long-term cost efficiency.


We are part of the solution

We do not have to cover everything a customer needs all by ourselves. However, our comprehensive network enables us to source the missing components, crafts, or contacts and offer a solution approach for almost every demand, inside our own area of expertise or outside.

When we work for our customers, we do that quietly and well prepared. That way, we have our clients’ six. From the background, we provide a smooth IT operation and its continuous development.

Problems can never be completely avoided. At some point you will eventually run into some, regardless if they are of technical or human nature. Whenever that happens, we excel by prompt and honest communication and an open exchange about problems. That is how most of the time we can prevent many little problems from growing into major issues right from the start. It also demonstrates commitment and ensures resilient relationships on the customer, supplier, and partner side.


We do it right

We measure success by quality first. Turnover and revenue come behind our standards of quality, since we see them as consequent results our solid work.

For us, there is no contradiction between visionary leadership and down-to-earth work. This makes us a trusted IT partner for all current requirements AND the guide into our clients’ digital future at the same time.

We primarily engage with our customers and less with ourselves. We do not confuse great customer loyalty with dependencies, but we create loyalty through performance and competence.

We see a comprehensive interest for our own business environment as being the key to success in everything we do. Only the interested ones will consistently operate on a high level.


Get advice!

We are your perfect partner for the planning and realization of complex IT projects. For further information and personal consultation please contact us.

bluvisio GmbH
Telephone: +49 6027 4629 971

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