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Wi-Fi networks Cut the cord

Running network cables is quite expensive. In some places, cables are not even possible and for mobile workplaces they are very impractical. In the network sector, wireless WLAN connections are therefore increasingly being used for local data communication.

Due to the lack of physical connection, network security is the top priority here, but topics such as bandwidth, coverage, sensitivity to interference and channel compatibility are important aspects as well. After all, users should not notice any difference in terms of security, reliability and operating speed – regardless of whether they are working wired or wireless.

There are numerous use cases, be it modern office environments without fixed workstations, flexible production facilities with connected machines, warehouse logistics with mobile devices or communication with vehicles on open-air sites – WLAN can help revolutionize entire process chains in organizations.

We support you in planning and implementing your WLAN infrastructure with our interdisciplinary experience. For your wireless network, we supply WLAN controllers, access points, management software, bridges, repeaters and indoor/outdoor antennas from numerous vendors.

Our mission

Our mindset has always been: IT should be used better! That is why bluvisio exists. We are convinced that the right IT strategy significantly improves organizations. This is what we do for numerous clients today. And we can do it for you, too.

Since 2009 we have built on the essential pillars of quality, expertise, custom-fit solutions, service and fair conditions. Our comfort zone begins with “all in”. Because you deserve the best and most committed IT partner.

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We are your perfect partner for the planning and realization of complex IT projects. For further information and personal consultation please contact us.

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