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bluvisio_connect We re-simplify networking

Intertwined paths are getting easier and more straight-forward step by step

Networking re-simplified

What we offer

Headquarters – branches – home offices – mobile workforce – cloud – international offices…and the connection between them? That’s’ our job. Including security and the last mile. Worldwide, with solid SLAs and great quality. But without expensive MPLS connections. To do this, we use SASE technology – which stands for Secure Access Service Edge.

Current IT architectures require you to connect more and more roles and functions across locations and ensure fast, secure data exchange. Your branch offices need to communicate securely and efficiently with your headquarters, your employees want to be reliably connected and integrated from home or in the field, shared cloud resources are being utilized, Software-as-a-Service applications need to be integrated, and a central internet gateway is essential for your corporate security policies. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

However, a legacy approach to your cross-site data communications (e.g. via MPLS or SD-WAN) is becoming increasingly obsolete, because its focus on network access points leads it to no longer meeting the current requirements of organizations in terms of price/performance and flexibility. Telco providers, where you have previously booked such services, are usually expensive, slow and not very flexible (and did we mention expensive…?). You are probably quite “pain-tested” and capable of suffering in terms of costs and response times. Just how long again did you have to wait on your current provider for your last modification request to be completed…?

In addition, there are often self-administered (or service provider-administered) solutions for security and mobile access, which are generally designed in a decentralized setup and are therefore very costly to operate and manage. With a traditional approach to the physical and logical networking of your various locations and resources, you are therefore permanently hitting the brakes with at least one foot. Agile IT and legacy infrastructure for WAN communications just don’t mix well. But we have good news for you: There is now a blueprint for your acceleration.

Interconnected silver spheres with a blue sphere in the middle

bluvisio_connect interconnects everything

With bluvisio_connect, you get local Internet connection combined with a cloud-based service for connecting all your sites and resources from a single source, while enjoying next-generation network security – on a worldwide scale. This makes you independent of telecom providers’ response times to network adjustments and allows you to apply all security measures globally at the instant click of a button, without having to upgrade all local and remote firewalls or SD-WAN appliances first. Your internet gateway is certainly integrated as well. By delivering the network and security functions in a central location that is accessible from anywhere, we support organizations of all types with their cloud strategy and facilitate cloud migrations or hybrid scenarios – completely independent of physical locations or local resources.

This allows you to become your own WAN (Wide-Area Network) provider and take back complete control over connectivity and network security. You will be amazed at how flexible and inexpensive this is. And even better: you now have just one single point of contact who is responsible for everything from the physical internet connection to the logical data link, and security – and who can therefore provide centralized troubleshooting management. Just how long have you been looking for something like this…?

How it works

We use a SASE platform for the logical data connection of all your (cloud) resources and locations. The Secure Access Service Edge concept moves all connectivity and network security functions to the private network itself.

Kunde mit Experte bei Vertragsprüfung und Laufzeitangleichung

Sase Schema

This network spans more than 70 data centers worldwide, providing a global, multi-redundant interconnected backbone network that manages all your cross-site traffic in a private instance.

World map with globally dispursed access nodes of the bluvisio_connect SASE platform

Global presence of the bluvisio_connect access nodes

The multi-redundantly connected access nodes operated in these data centers are the gateways to the global backbone network. At the same time, however, they are also the heavily armed gatekeepers that filter all data traffic flowing through them in a “single-pass” process through a multitude of next-generation security levels. The security mechanisms are permanently monitored and constantly kept up to date with the latest technology. Since all your Internet traffic also flows through them, your data communication is optimally protected at all times.

The entire network is controlled by specially developed software that provides the following functions (among others):

  • WAN Optimization
    WAN optimization is an essential part of the network, using TCP proxies, link aggregation, and complex workload management algorithms to maximize throughput for prioritized operations such as file transfers.

  • Global Route Optimization
    The specially developed routing algorithms take latency, packet loss and jitter into account. Unlike Internet routing, it is always the performance and not the cost that is decisive here, so that the optimum route is selected for each network packet.

  • Encryption
    High-performance end-to-end encryption ensures the confidentiality of your data, privacy protection, and secure usage on multiple instances.

  • Self-healing Architecture
    The backbone network is continuously monitored and controlled. Thanks to the self-healing functions, service availability of 99.999% is guaranteed. The flexible, scalable architecture ensures expansion of the service infrastructure during ongoing operations – without downtime or interruptions. Sites connect to the global private backbone network by establishing encrypted tunnels from a WAN-Edge-Appliance or any other device that supports IPsec tunnels, without user interaction. Resources in the cloud connect via agentless configuration. Mobile users connect in clientless mode or via a software client.

  • Next-Generation Firewall
    The Next-Generation Firewall runs on all access nodes and protects the entire network with a unified, application- and user-centric security policy – all without the cost and complexity of upgrading and maintaining individual firewall appliances.

  • Secure Web Gateway
    The Secure Web Gateway provides protection against phishing, malware, and other internet threats. Combined with the Next-Generation Firewall, this eliminates the need to set policies for different location-based access point solutions and appliance lifecycles. The integrated Secure Web Gateway provides dynamic location categorization with an always up-to-date URL database enriched with information about phishing threats, malware, botnets, and other malicious content. You can also set and enforce different internet access policies for mobile and location-based users, based on information about user activity.

  • Advanced Threat Prevention
    Advanced Threat Prevention is a collection of network security and related protection measures used to defend against current and emerging threats. These include TLS-encrypted data stream inspection, seamless integration of various malware detection and neutralization engines, and intrusion prevention via an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Besides, all these measures are permanently applied without affecting the performance of the data stream.
Weltkugel und Cloud mit Endgeräten und Sicherheitsschutzschild

Globale Sicherheit aus der Cloud

By moving all these functions to the global backbone, you don’t have to provide and maintain your own infrastructure for them, nor do you have to integrate different standalone solutions.

Of course, you have full access to all settings concerning your environment and can make adjustments yourself at any time. This means you always have comprehensive control and are not dependent on the response times of others for change management.

As part of our offering, we also provide the basic service for this – the local Internet connection. This means you no longer have to subscribe to internet connections from local and/or global telecommunications providers and eventually pay for the entire provider supply chain with its respective uplifts. We provide you with internet connection at any location with the bandwidth you require. Redundancy upon request and – where available – also via several carriers on the so-called “last mile”. For this, we cooperate with over 3,500 network carriers worldwide, who “own” the respective local cable routes and from whom we can purchase at wholesale rates. Using a permanently maintained market intelligence database, we can always identify the best offer for you at short notice and thus significantly reduce your connection costs in the vast majority of situations.

Our service offering is complemented by central monitoring and integrated troubleshooting management of physics (internet connections) and logic (network backbone, edge appliances, network security and data communications). We offer super-fast response times thanks to a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed around the clock, transparent and permanent status reporting, and enterprise-level technical support with specialists available immediately.

Your benefits

  • You can provide cross-site data communications faster and more agile. Your communications infrastructure becomes a fitting counterpart to your modern IT.
  • Your costs for WAN communications, Internet connectivity, and network security decrease significantly.
  • The highest level of integration allows you to manage all functionalities much more efficiently.
  • Response times for adjustments / changes are dramatically reduced for you.
  • Your journey to the cloud is simplified tremendously.
  • You have only ONE contract, ONE invoice and ONE single point of contact – for ALL your local and global WAN network connections.
  • Centralized troubleshooting management gets you back online faster and you always know the current processing status.
  • You take back control of WAN and network security.

Our mission

Our mindset has always been: IT should be used better! That is why bluvisio exists. We are convinced that the right IT strategy significantly improves organizations. This is what we do for numerous clients today. And we can do it for you, too.

Since 2009 we have built on the essential pillars of quality, expertise, custom-fit solutions, service and fair conditions. Our comfort zone begins with “all in”. Because you deserve the best and most committed IT partner.

Get advice!

We are your perfect partner for the planning and realization of complex IT projects. For further information and personal consultation please contact us.

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