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Hyperconverged systems / HCI Infrastructure in-a-box

Hyperconverged systems consolidate entire IT infrastructures in very few easy-to-manage boxes and can almost be seen as the counter-design to the classic modular IT setup. This brings numerous benefits in terms of rapid deployment, low administrative costs, less space, power and cooling requirements, and homogeneity.

In a total cost consideration over the entire life cycle, such solutions usually turn out to be more economical than a modular approach. An important reason is that these concepts are based on relatively inexpensive standard hardware and that the actual value-add lies within the software and the process integration it provides.

A Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is very easy to expand and it scales seamlessly by simply adding additional building blocks. Administration is simplified to a maximum by a unified management interface that includes all essential functions such as distribution of computing power and storage resources, virtualization, network administration and monitoring.

We look at hyperconverged systems as being the next evolutionary step of virtualization in IT. In our portfolio you will find solutions from various technology partners. We gladly advise you according to your requirements and help you to reach this next level.

Our mission

Our mindset has always been: IT should be used better! That is why bluvisio exists. We are convinced that the right IT strategy significantly improves organizations. This is what we do for numerous clients today. And we can do it for you, too.

Since 2009 we have built on the essential pillars of quality, expertise, custom-fit solutions, service and fair conditions. Our comfort zone begins with “all in”. Because you deserve the best and most committed IT partner.

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