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Sustainability Good for you – and the environment

In times of Fridays for Future and “Corporate Responsibility”, decision makers today are more aware of their own social responsibility. If the topic of sustainability plays an important role in your organization’s code of ethics or is an imperative to you, we can help you align your IT with it.

Sustainability can be viewed from different angles. The focus can be on environmental and resource conservation as well as primarily on the financial sustainability of IT decisions. No matter how you set your priorities here – we will show you the possible ways to reach your objectives.

IT is becoming more and more energy-efficient through continuous development. By using the right components, you can optimize your direct and indirect energy consumption and thus save costs and emissions. At the same time, the space required for your IT can be reduced, as higher densities and more compact systems become possible.

In many situations, the specific deployment of remanufactured (refurbished) components can help you reduce your total cost of ownership while at the same time protecting the environment. Significantly lower purchase prices often outweigh by far moderately higher maintenance and operating costs – this way you save money right from the start. In addition, you can extend the life cycle of systems that have already been manufactured, thus conserving resources and the environment.

The digitalization of previously analogue processes also offers a great deal of potential, not only to accelerate the respective processes, but also to preserve resources through (complete) digital workflows. So you get twice the benefit.

Generally speaking, the more farsighted your infrastructure, software and operating model decisions are, the less you will need to change or adapt in the future. Admittedly, this is the supreme discipline of sustainability – but it is precisely here where the biggest potential for the effective use of your budget lies. This often requires an experienced expert and sparring partner who can give you the right impulses for your future plannings based on his extensive interdisciplinary experience and the view “from outside”. We would be happy to advise you on this subject and ensure that you have to spend less money and can hand over our world to our future generations in a better way.

Our mission

Our mindset has always been: IT should be used better! That is why bluvisio exists. We are convinced that the right IT strategy significantly improves organizations. This is what we do for numerous clients today. And we can do it for you, too.

Since 2009 we have built on the essential pillars of quality, expertise, custom-fit solutions, service and fair conditions. Our comfort zone begins with “all in”. Because you deserve the best and most committed IT partner.

Get advice!

We are your perfect partner for the planning and realization of complex IT projects. For further information and personal consultation please contact us.

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