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Customer with expert in contract review and term alignment

Contract review

What we offer

We take care of everything that has to do with contracts and terms in your IT. We manage service and maintenance contracts, license subscriptions, warranty periods, leasing and rental periods and keep an eye on termination and renewal periods for you. This way, we liberate you from your own administrative workload. To simplify keeping track, we align terms, potentially consolidate individual plans and contracts, and ensure that SLAs are as uniform as possible.

In addition, we offer you the added value to optimally negotiate your support and maintenance contracts with vendors or independent service providers through our total volume across all customers. This way, our services can (partially) compensate for themselves, or you can even save money in total.


How it works

In an initial kick-off, we first get an overview of your existing contracts and their contents. Depending on your preferences and objectives, we present you with viable options and talk about various scenarios with you.

Once you have selected your preferred model and decide to proceed with it, we enter all the relevant contracts and data in our specially developed software tool. From this point on, we take over the administration – i.e. monitoring of expiration dates, extensions, terminations, booking in and out of your portfolio with the service providers, and contract management.

In addition, we implement the discussed optimizations step by step and, in this context, take care of obtaining quotations, comparing providers, reviewing and drafting contractual terms and conditions, and negotiating with existing or potential service providers on your behalf.

For your operational and financial planning purposes, we will regularly provide you with a summary of your inventory managed by us and the payments to be made to your providers – and their respective schedules.


Your benefits

  • You obtain a better overview of the contract landscape within your IT.
  • Your contract management is maximally efficient.
  • Missing deadlines becomes a thing of the past.
  • You benefit from our great contacts and conditions.
  • You will save in any case. At least time. Probably money, too.
  • We know how to optimize contracts – and squeeze the lemons for you.
  • This service fits from small to global organizations. So definitely for you too.

Our mission

Our mindset has always been: IT should be used better! That is why bluvisio exists. We are convinced that the right IT strategy significantly improves organizations. This is what we do for numerous clients today. And we can do it for you, too.

Since 2009 we have built on the essential pillars of quality, expertise, custom-fit solutions, service and fair conditions. Our comfort zone begins with “all in”. Because you deserve the best and most committed IT partner.

Get advice!

We are your perfect partner for the planning and realization of complex IT projects. For further information and personal consultation please contact us.

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